FAQ in English

On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find a answer to your question, please contact us at toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi

How much do dance classes cost?

You can find the prices of dance courses here. Competition/coaching groups have separate budgets for each year.

How do I enroll in classes?

You can enroll in our courses through the member service (myClub). You can find the link in the upper right corner. When registering for the first time, create a user account for yourself. Once you have created the account, you can log in and edit your own memberships there. More information can be found here.

What is the right class for my child?

In the schedule you can see which groups are suitable for your child’s age group and skill level. Please ask toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi if there are no other suitable classes in the schedule so that we can try to find a good option for you. Classes where no age group or level is mentioned are open to dancers of all ages and levels.

Where are the classes held?

The location of each dance course is mentioned in the schedule. You can find the contact information of the different locations here.

Can I attend classes with a single ticket?

No, unfortunately not, but you can try classes for free (1x per course). We have 5x and 10x series tickets for those who do not want to pay for the whole semester. The cards are personal and cannot be shared with e.g. a family member. See instructions for buying series tickets here. Dancers with serial tickets must also pay the membership fee.

How long is the semester?

The duration of each semester is separately decided by the board. You can find information on current semester here.

How are the lessons paid?

We will send you an invoice for the whole semester (1 invoice per course, excluding competition/coaching groups) and a membership fee invoice. If you would like to buy a serial ticket instead of the semester fee, please let us know in the beginning of the semester by email toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi. You will receive the invoices on myClub and by email. Invoices do not need to paid when you come to class for the first time but due dates should be followed.

My child doesn’t want to attend class anymore, what do I do?

You cannot cancel your participation verbally to e.g. the dance teacher or do it yourself in myClub. By not going to the classes anymore is not considered a cancellation if participation has not been canceled by email toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi.

Therefore please send us an email. If your child has only attended the classes one time, we do not charge the course or the membership fee. After the first class, cancellation must be made before the next class (same course). In other situations, please read our cancellation terms. The fees will be charged accordingly.

Do I have to report all absences to the office?

Single absences do not need to be reported to the office, you can do it yourself directly on myClub at the course event. Only course cancellations should always be done by e-mail to toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi.

The season is long, can I still join?

You can sign up with a semester fee throughout the semester and of course also with serial tickets. The semester fee decreases gradually during the season at certain intervals, and we will inform you about the price decrease on our social media channels. You can also ask about the current price for a spesific starting date by emailing toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi.

I’m not sure if I want to continue with the course. Can I try it again?

Unfortunately, you can only try the same course once. If you don’t want to commit to a semester fee, you can always buy, for example, a 5x serial ticket.