Scholarship spots for disadvantaged families 2023

Vantaa Street Dance Association wants to support the continuance of a dance hobby in disadvantaged families by offering 1-2 scholarships for Fall 2023 season. VKTY’s board decides of granting the scholarship and informs them personally. VKTY can grant full or part-covering scholarships.

Granting of the scholarship is influenced by families economical situation, the greatness of the cost of dance hobby in relation to the economical situation and dancer’s motivation for the hobby.

Apply for the scholarship before 10.9.2023  by sending answers to the following questions to email:

The information is being handled confidentally and VKTY will not publish the names of the grantees. Please do not include any health information or any other sensitive information. Please answer all questions.

  1. The scholarship applicant’s name.
  2. The guardian’s name (if different than applicant’s)
  3. Describe with your own words the applicant’s dance background and motivation towards dance hobby.
  4. Describe with your own words the economical situation of your family. Why are you applying for the scholarship for the dancer?
  5. For how long has the dancer been taking classes at VKTY?