Line Up

Kwame || Inxi Prodigy || Franky Dee || Ama Kyei || Lilli Huttula || Heidi Hartzell || Johan Högsten || Sini Tuominen || Roza ”Coco Ninja” Ahmad || Jenni Yamamoto || Sebastian Visa || Veera ”Belle” Delarosa


Kwame (FRA)

Kwame is a unique mover and an extremely versatile dancer from Paris. He has been making waves in the international house dance scene for some years now, becoming one of the most successful dancers of today. He won house category in Juste Debout 2018 with his partner Serge Lopes.

Kwame is known for is smooth flow and finesse. Every detail of his body is involved in his dance, making the quality of his dance exquisit.

Kwame will be teaching two house dance classes at the summer camp and judging the house 1 vs. 1 and rookie all styles 1 vs. 1 categories in the battle.


Inxi Prodigy (FIN/SWE)

Finland’s gift to the world, Inxi Prodigy, is as creative as a dancer gets! Her style both in voguing and popping – her two main styles – are fun and quirky but don’t be fooled. She might look sweet but she is known to roast dancers like toast on the dance floor.

Inxi has traveled the world, won battles in Europe and the States, performed in theaters and TV and amazed crowds everywhere she goes. Her battle with Lasseindra Ninja in StreetStar 2013 is still the most viewed voguing video on Youtube ever with 5,4 million views. Inxi is a well liked teacher and judge and we are pleased to have her. She will give two vogue classes and one popping class and judge the popping 1 vs. 1 and rookie all syles 1 vs. 1 categories in the battle.

Franky Dee (GER)

Dancer, choreographer and teacher, representing the crew Deetroit Rockstarz, Franky Dee is coming to Finland after 6 years!

Franky’s understanding of music is phenomenal and this shows in his dance. His style can be described as a mixture of hiphop techniques, floor moves and musicality. He is the winner of Juste Debout 2014 in hiphop, the creator of Me Against the World battle event and he recently mentored a 9-year old student to win the German preselections of Juste Debout with him. It is safe to say, he is a great teacher.

Franky will be teaching three hiphop workshops and judging the hiphop 1 vs. 1 and all styles rookie 1 vs. 1 categories in the battle.

Ama Kyei (GHA / FIN)

Ama is a Ghanaian Finnsh dancer and dance teacher and her biggest passion and love is house dance and culture. She has studied streetdance styles and cultures at Åsa folkhögskola and will graduate as a dancepedagog during the fall 2020 from the University of dance and cirkus in Stockholm.

Ama is a naturally beautiful dancer whose organic style amazes and has brought her many victories in house battles across Europe. Winning the Finnish preselection, she also made her way to the finals of the Abyss in Washington in 2018. Ama is one of the sweetest and most encouraging people you will meet.


Lilli Huttula (FIN)

Lilli is a versatile dancer, teacher and choreographer specializing in hiphop, house and voguing. Since 2011, she has traveled all over the world to learn about street dance styles and culture. She keeps Finland learning by bringing in international dancers to share their skills and knowledge. As a teacher she is known to be precise and to share a lot of information and insight. She is also the main organizer of the Summer Camp and VKTY’s executive director.

Lilli is a member of the international House of Yamamoto voguing collective. She has also been in many central crews in Finland, shaping the local scene, i.e. Funky Fem, Cypherholics and HDF, and winning titles in national competitions and battles both in Finland and in Europe. She will teach a party steps class and together with Johan Högsten, a litefeet and a hiphop hype class.


Heidi Hartzell (FIN)

Heidi is the reigning Finnish champion of women’s hiphop solos and an experienced and successful teacher and choreographer. She is small and spicy but her movement flows softly like water and she has a good eye for nuance. As a teacher she pushes her students to express honestly and to move with a vast range of dynamics.

Her lyrical hiphop classes have always been one of the most popular classes in the summer camp – for a good reason. This year she will teach one lyrical hiphop class. Heidi resides in Oulu nowadays so learning from her is a rare treat in the capital area.



Johan Högsten (FIN)

Johan is a young dancer and teacher, but already one of the most successful hiphop dancers in Finland. He won the Finnish championship in men’s hiphop solos in 2018 and placed 2nd in 2017. Lately, he’s been traveling in Europe and engaging in the battle scene in various countries.

Johan is an all round mover. His dance is built on strong foundations, ground work and creative concepts. He will be teaching a ground work class and, together with Lilli Huttula a litefeet and a hiphop hype class.



Sini Tuominen (FIN)

Sini is not just a dancer and dance teacher, but she is truly devoted to the culture, spending a lot of time studying the various elements of hiphop. She spent two years in Åsa folkhögskola, completing the 5 style and the hiphouse programs.

You often hear students say how sweet and adorable Sini is. And she really is! On the dance floor though, she easily transforms into a battle cat and she will go full out every time. Sini’s grooves and character are deep and her style is really unique. There is a more flamboyant side to her aswell, which makes her a shining waacking diva! Sini will teach a waacking and a hiphop 20+ class.


Roza ”Coco Ninja” Ahmad (FIN)

Roza Coco Ninja is a dancer, choreographer and a member of the Iconic House of Ninja since 2012. She has won multiple grand prizes in old way and face with performance in Finland and Europe.

Roza has organized many dance related events and parties in Finland. Roza is also an upcoming photographer in the Ballroom community, and she has recently documented the European voguing scene on multiple occasions.

Roza will teach a vogue old way class in the camp.


Jenni Yamamoto Witikkala (FIN)

Jenni Yamamoto is Finland’s supreme runway diva. She is the mother of House of Yamamoto Finland and whenever she is walking a ball, she usually ends up winning or at least among the top contestants. She carries herself like royalty and embodies different characters like no other.

As a person and teacher, Jenni is humble and completely feet on the ground. She has a lot of knowledge to share and she understands the ballroom scene and requirements of different categories on a granular level. She will teach one runway class at the summer camp.


Sebastian Visa (FIN)

Sebastian started dancing ”showdance” when he was 10 years old and after a few years his interest for other dance styles grew aswell, and he started learning hiphop, street jazz, voguing and contemporary. Nowadays his focus is on commercialand he is one of the leading commercial choreographers in Finland. He has created choreographies for the biggest national competitions, music videos and tours of trending Finnish artists.

In his routines, Sebastian combines influences from various styles. There’s attitude, strong accents, fast and smooth movement using even the smallest details in music.


Veera ”Belle” Delarosa (FIN)

Veera ”Belle” Delarosa is a passionate dancer and dance entrepreneur. She runs her own dance school and as a perforer she has experience from small club gigs all the way to the main stage of Ruisrock festival and Helsinki ice hall as a backup dancer of major Finnish artists. She travels to Jamaica at least tiwce a year to learn about dancehall – the style that she has dedicated her life to.

Veera believes that there’s no dance without feeling. For her the best thing about dance is expressing feelings in one’s body and soul because dance comes from within. She wants her students to find this personal expression aswell.

Her class challenges you, makes you sweat and laugh. As a teacher she is encouraging and easy going and her students grow as dancers fast. She concentrates on technique, flow, self-expression and style.