Opettajat / teachers

Kwame (FRA)

Kwame is a unique mover and an extremely versatile dancer from Paris. He has been making waves in the international house dance scene for some years now, becoming one of the most successful dancers of today. He won house category in Juste Debout 2018 with his partner Serge Lopes, being the current reigning world champion.

Kwame is known for is smooth flow and finesse. Every detail of his body is involved in his dance, making the quality of his dance exquisit.

Kwame will be teaching two house dance classes at the summer camp and judging the house 1 vs. 1 and rookie all styles 1 vs. 1 categories in the battle.


Inxi Prodigy (FIN/SWE)

Finland’s gift to the world, Inxi Prodigy, is as creative as a dancer gets! Her style both in voguing and popping – her two main styles – are fun and quirky but don’t be fooled. She might look sweet but she is known to roast dancers like toast on the dance floor.

Inxi has traveled the world, won battles in Europe and the States, performed in theaters and TV and amazed crowds everywhere she goes. Her battle with Lasseindra Ninja in StreetStar 2013 is still the most viewed voguing video on Youtube ever with 5,4 million views. Inxi is a well liked teacher and judge and we are pleased to have her. She will give two vogue classes and one popping class and judge the popping 1 vs. 1 and rookie all syles 1 vs. 1 categories in the battle.

Franky Dee (GER)

Dancer, choreographer and teacher, representing the crew Deetroit Rockstarz, Franky Dee is coming to Finland after 6 years!

Franky’s understanding of music is phenomenal and this shows in his dance. His style can be described as a mixture of hiphop techniques, floor moves and musicality. He is the winner of Juste Debout 2014 in hiphop, the creator of Me Against the World battle event and he recently mentored a 9-year old student to win the German preselections of Juste Debout with him. It is safe to say, he is a great teacher.

Franky will be teaching three hiphop workshops and judging the hiphop 1 vs. 1 and all styles rookie 1 vs. 1 categories in the battle.