Try out for free

You can try out our classes for free (once per dance course). If you go to the same class for a second time, it will be considered as an enrollment in the dance course and you will also become a member of VKTY. You can either enroll in our dance classes on myClub or just show up. Please enroll in the whole course (fall or spring semester) even if you would like to just try the class or participate with a serial ticket or anytime card.

If you do not wish to continue on a certain dance course after you have tried it, please cancel your enrollment by sending an email to: toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi. Otherwise you will receive an invoice afterwards if you have not cancelled your enrollment after the first class.
Please note that the invoices will be sent after the classes have started. You will find your invoices on myClub and you will also receive them by email. Membership fee and dance courses are invoiced separately.

 By cancelling your participation on myClub or just not showing up to classes is NOT considered as a cancellation. Please also read through our code of conduct.


How to use myClub?

Please enroll in our dance classes on myClub. Please note that your user ID and password are only for your personal use (parents are allowed to manage the account for their underage children).

If you don’t have a myClub account and you haven’t been a member before

You can create an account by clicking ”Ilmoittaudu!” on the right top corner on our website or go to vkty.myclub.fi/login.

You can change the language to English or Swedish at the bottom of the myClub web site. Click ”Register as member” and enter the required information. When the account is completed you will receive a confirmation by email.

If you already have a myClub account for Vantaan Katutanssiyhdistys

If you already have a myClub account and you have been a member of Vantaan Katutanssiyhdistys before, you can just login in and enroll in the classes.

If you have an account but don’t remember your user ID and password, please don’t create a new account – just contact us at toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking ”Forgot password?”.

More instructions on how to use myClub you can find from myClub FAQ.

How to enroll

You can enroll in our courses after you have logged in to myClub. Go to ”Registrations” and choose the course that you want to enroll in. Click ”Register”. After this you will find the dance classes in your calendar on myClub.

If you have any problems, please contact toimisto@vantaankatutanssi.fi.