Safer space policy

VKTY adheres to a safer space policy

Safer space is an approach aimed at empowering participants to create an equal space for all participants. VKTY’s safer space principles are followed in both in-person and remote encounters. The principles apply to everyone participating in VKTY’s activities.

A safer space for everyone

In safer spaces, one can freely be themselves without causing harm to others with their behavior. We also respect others’ freedom to be themselves.

We respect each other and ourselves.

  • We respect everyone participating in VKTY’s classes and other activities and allow everyone to be themselves.
  • We respect everyone’s mental, physical, and social boundaries. We address each other respectfully.
  • We do not make inappropriate comments about anyone’s body, movement, appearance, belongings, or anything else.
  • We accept that we are all works in progress and can make mistakes. We apologize if we make mistakes.

We strive to be aware of and avoid assumptions.

  • We do not assume anyone’s gender, background, sexuality, ability, wealth, or anything else about the individual.
  • We do not generalize our own experiences to apply to others or define experiences on behalf of anyone else.

We give everyone space to participate in their own way in the activities.

  • We ensure that everyone is heard and included in the activities.
  • Everyone is allowed to participate in the activities according to their own resources, abilities, and limits.
  • We agree on the ways of operating that we all strive to follow.
  • Questions can be asked, and feedback can be given.

We accept all kinds of emotions in ourselves and others.

  • There is room for all kinds of feelings in dance classes and other activities.
  • We try not to project our emotions onto others.

We ensure that our premises are as accessible and gender-neutral as possible.

  • VKTY aims to clearly communicate the accessibility and gender neutrality of the spaces.

Permission must be obtained for recording.

  • We always ask for permission for collecting information, recording, and any other form of documentation.

We use inclusive and sensitive language.

  • We aim for accessible and respectful communication.
  • We do not use discriminatory terms in speech or written communication.
  • Our goal is to communicate respectfully without offending anyone.

VKTY does not tolerate any discriminatory or disruptive behavior.

  • Do not disturb anyone verbally, physically, or by staring.
  • Bullying and exclusion are prohibited.
  • No means no. Stop or change your behavior when asked by another.
  • We encourage seeking help or support in problematic situations.
  • We strive to address all forms of harassment and bullying.

Do you experience threats, harassment, discrimination, or other disruptive behavior?

If you experience threats, harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior at VKTY, please contact the individuals listed below. You can also always discuss with your teacher. There is a feedback box in VKTY’s lobby where you can anonymously leave feedback. You can also contact us through our social media channels.

We want to improve and hear how we can enhance our activities.

If you wish to comment on or inquire about our practices, please reach out to us.


You can contact us via email, in person, or through our social media channels.

Karoliina Rantala
VKTY’s Finance and Development Manager

Isabella Mansnérus
VKTY’s Coaching Manager