Vantaan Katutanssiyhdistys ry (VKTY)

Vantaan Katutanssiyhdistys ry (Vantaa street dance association) was founded in 2014.  The association was born out of the cooperation between the dance teachers and the active parents of the dance wing of the Vantaa Gymnastics Club. The separation of the dance wing into its own entity was the next big step. Over the years, a small number of enthusiastic dancers and dance teachers developed it into a major Finnish street dance center.

The purpose of the organization is to promote dance and dance culture nationwide, with a focus on Street Dance. Our main principles are quality, transparency and communality.

Our main goals are

  • to support equality and cultural diversity through dance
  • to support environmental sustainability
  • to ensure that people from different backgrounds are able to participate in our activities
  • to actively organize and participate in dance events
  • to promote dance and dance culture on a national level
  • to reduce the negative effects of social exclusion in all age groups

We organize dance classes, courses and workshops for dancers and dance teachers. We participate in national and international dance events and competitions. By participating in the events we are helping dancers to improve their physical and mental performance skills. Our goal is to also promote dance and dance culture.